I created videos and streams for social channels, television, and film.

At EA we created a series of video content that clearly explains how the game plays. We called them simply "This Is". It's so successful it's now a standard practice of marketing games.

We also led an initiative to make "Tips and Tricks"content. This included videos, streams, and other editorial content created by our newsroom team and utilizing social influencers. Using a well defined content taxonomy we streamlined "tips and tricks" into digestible types for a content engine and thus multiple end points. We used well known ontology techniques to create an experience of value for our gamers across all of our titles on mobile and HD platforms.

Lastly at EA we used video to give gamers a human look at our studios and the teams that make and publish the games. Sometimes in the form of "Dev Talks", studio tours, or as regular livestreams. For example we created the Madden Mornings livestreams that would run six days a week to a consistent viewership of 5,000-10,000 viewers a day. The example above is a livestream tribute to the Jacksonville MCS shooting victims.

Film sketching a product at NFL Media.

Using film to show how a digital bike lock might work in Manhattan.

A film I wrote and directed at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2003. Featured in the Berlin International Film Festival and NYC Experimental. Won best in show ifv Chicago Annual Film Festival 2004.

A short film I wrote and directed for a Tulsa theater company.

Experimental film fun in my salad days.