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Well, hello there!

I'm Jennings Hanna. I am a designer and content strategist.



Master's Degree

Interaction Design

School of Visual Arts, Manhattan NYC


Bachelor's Degree

Digital Art & Media

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Studied Filmmaking


North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking

Work Experience

Content Design Lead


2023 - Today

10up, if you have never heard of it, is one of the most premium web and digital experience agencies in the world. I lead content design projects with an incredible roster of clients that include The White House, ESPN, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, Meta, Wordpress marketplace, the world's largest coffee brand, and Stanford. My work is foundational in the discovery phases where I workshop directly with clients to create, design, and map out users' expectations of their digital experiences. From these findings, I design information architecture, create content inventories, analysis, and derive a strategic approach complete with informed findings, opportunities, roadmaps, and recommendations. Lastly, I often mentor other designers and other peers to help them level up their careers but more importantly, so they'll mentor me with their unbiased wisdom and new approaches/tactics/tools.

Sr. Content Strategist

Adobe, Experience and Engagement

2019 - 2023

At Adobe I design and strategize our engagement experiences. These are interactions that drive attachment and retention in our products growth specifically through two lenses; helping and teaching. I am especially proud of the award winning YouTube support channel we created: Adobe Care. This channel has helped millions of users do things like remove backgrounds, rotoscope, and change or cancel subscription plans. The channel get's over 3 millions views a year and 2 - 3 videos a week are created to support it.

Editor-In-Chief, Editorial Strategist

Electronic Arts, Global Marketing

2016 - 2019

At EA I managed parts of our marketing and development practices in collaboration with studios. I also acted as a liaison between our newsroom, community engagement teams, and the technical teams to deliver the campaigns for our games launches and on-going live series. Lastly, I was in charge of spearheading partnerships with Google, Twitch, and outside vendors and creative agencies.

Interaction Designer



I helped deliver product and interaction design solutions for several different startups and clients in 2016. This includes a product for Prudential Life Insurance where loved ones shared stories of lost loved ones, a digital scoreboard technology for high school gyms, an advertising creation and reporting tool used by the NYTs and Atlantic Magazine (later acquired by Snapchat), and lastly helping to design a urban planning cartography product with Calthorpe Analytics (a Berkeley urban planning firm) called Urban Footprint.

Fellow, Product Design

Code for America

2014 - 2015

Our team of three built a financial wellness tool as open source software in less than a year! Organizations interested in learning more about the financial wellness of those they enlist use it freely. We fully deployed the products as a survey and results presented in an aggregate form of visualized data. The outcome is to assist businesses and organizations in knowing what benefits they should offer to help people be financially grounded. It's been incorporated by the Albuquerque City Government and other not-for-profits in New Mexico.

Senior Features Designer

NFL Media, Newsroom


At the NFL I helped build editorial and digital projects for a season. Projects I contributed to include a digital feature called Journeys (Telly Award 2015), NFL UP (Won a Clio and multiple Telly awards, a Webby, and was honored by a Sports Emmy nominations in 2015), a Super Bowl bracket interactive that is still on rotation, and a partnership with Google and YouTube on the NFL digital video strategy.

UX Design Intern

New York City Subways, Office of the President

2012 - 2014

I was a UX designer on a team tasked with overhauling the entire enterprise asset management for trains, bridges, and buses. The MTA in NYC is an agency of over one-hundred thousand employees and vendors. 11 unions. In my role I was mostly building relationships with stakeholders and sharing their interest across a slew of RFPs we created for bidding. I did so by use of surveys, interviews, brainstorms, workshops, and detailed documenting of organization journeys. We also were informed by a lot of quantitative and qualitative data analysis and synthesis.


T.Moss Design

2006 - 2012

As one half of a two person design firm I strategized, designed, and coded websites. Planned out, print designed, and press checked huge catalogs. We made anything and everything our clients requested. From product videos to bus wraps. Eager and driven to design for a living, I came to understand the way to be successful was to gain clients longstanding trust. Success came fast— we went from a garage to a nice office downtown in just a few years. I am most proud of our work with Liberty Flags. We created multiple e-commerce websites, yearly catalogs, SEO strategy and keyword campaigns (both organic and paid), product demonstration videos, and podcast. And in doing so Liberty Flags is now one of the largest flag vendors in the world.

Awards and Acknowledgements, Professional Development, and Professional Organizations

    Awards, Acknowledgements, and Publications
  • Telly Award for How-to Channel, Adobe Care YouTube, Bay Area, 2021
  • Telly Award for Education and Discovery Live-stream, Adobe Care YouTube, Bay Area, 2021
  • Joined judging panel by invitation, Telly Awards, NYC, 2021
  • Telly Award for Craft Use of Stock Video, Adobe Care YouTube, Bay Area, 2020
  • Featured illustration, Quarenzine, Los Angeles, 2020
  • Telly Award for Online Video, NFL Journeys, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Clio Award, NFL Up!, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Webby Award Honoree, NFL Up!, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Telly Award for How-To Video, NFL Up!, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Emmy Nomination, NFL Up!, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Code for America Fellowship, San Francisco, 2015
  • Featured illustration, Communication Arts Magazine Annual Illustration Issue, 2008
  • The School of the Art Institute Leadership Council, Chicago, 2005
  • Best of the Best Award, Film Festival, Chicago, 2004
  • Semans Art Grant Recipient for Writing, North Carolina, 2003
  • MayFest Young Artist Award for Film and Audio, Oklahoma, 2001
  • Tulsa‘s Best Young Filmmaker Award, The Living Arts Council, Oklahoma, 2000
  • Best Picture, Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, Oklahoma, 2000
    Professional Development
  • BUTTON (Volunteer), Virtual, 2023
  • 10up Summit, Iceland, 2023
  • CONFAB Content Strategy Conference, Minneapolis, 2022
  • CONFAB Content Strategy Conference, Virtual, 2020
  • An Event Apart Design Conference, SF, 2019
  • An Event Apart Design Conference, Chicago, 2018
  • CONFAB Content Strategy Conference, Minneapolis, 2018
  • TwitchCon and TwitchCon Developer Day, San Jose, 2018
  • TwitchCon and TwitchCon Developer Day, Long Beach, 2017
  • The Feast Conference, New York City, 2013 & 2014
  • Google Design Jam, New York City, 2013
  • An Event Apart Design Conference, Minneapolis, 2012
  • Voices that Matter Web Design Conference, San Francisco, 2011
    Professional Organizations
  • IxDA
  • AIGA
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • Code for America

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