Hi! I'm Jennings Hanna, I'm a content and editorial strategist working for a large video game company. I am passionate about the entertainment industry, design, and accessibility.

This is my portfolio and here is my resume. If you're interested in what I am up to now check out my ship log.

Product Design, User Experience, Front-End Development, Content Strategy, Research and Synthesis Code for America Fellowship
Interaction Design, User Experience, Research and Synthesis
Interaction Design, Front-End Development
Content Strategy, Front-End Development, User Experience
Interaction Design, Content Strategy, User Experience
User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Design Workshops
Product Design, Service Design, User Experience
Product Design, Prototyping
Service Design, Research and Synthesis, User Experience

You can read all of my writing in my Ship Log. Follow me on Twitter. Fork my code on GitHub. Or rebound my shots on Dribble. There's also this older portfolio you can browse. And a funny gif I love.