Hi. I'm Jennings Hanna, I'm an interaction designer with over 10 years experience in digital and print design. I pride myself in creating products through storytelling, design strategy, and creative problem solving. I'm also a huge advocate of utilizing the methods of content strategy, user experience, and service design. I am currently interested in interaction and product design positions and similar contract work. You can contact me and follow me on Twitter and Github. Download my resume where you'll find all my contact information.

Below are a few case studies I think best characterize my recent work.

Product Design, User Experience, Front-End Development, Content Strategy, Research Code for America Fellowship
Product Design, User Experience, Research
Product Design, Front-End Development
Content Strategy, Front-End Development, User Experience
Content Strategy, User Experience

You may also want to browse my old portfolio. It goes into less detail but shows my larger body of work.

Do good work and be in touch. Thanks for visiting.